Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cute Overload

I spent my Sunday at the Almaden Art and Wine festival. They should’ve called it the Almaden Art, and more Art, and more Art, with a little bit of Wine, festival. While there I saw a bunch of cute dogs. I love playing with dogs but I don’t think I could ever own one. Owning a dog isn’t on my “30 Things” list, although I’m thinking I should kick one out to add this one in. I’ll probably kick out #27: Stop Cursing. Like that’s ever gonna happen. We’ll see. Anyways, the cute dogs at the festival reminded me of some animal videos I saw, courtesy of Cute Overload. Enjoy

1 comment:

ngockstar said...

this entry reminds me that i need more cute things in my life.
and so i watched the matt mullin clip again. tee hee!