Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Greatest... Shirt... Ever...

ThinkGeek will soon be selling what has to be the greatest shirt in the history of mankind. By day it’s a regular T-shirt. By night (and three AAA batteries) it’s a wifi detector. So when you wear this shirt while within the vicinity of a wifi network, the shirt will light up. What lady would not be enamored by a wifi detecting guy?

Her: Thanks for dinner, Phimmy.
Me: It was my pleasure, Angelina Jolessica Alballette Johansen.
Her: Why is your shirt lighting up?
Me: It’s telling me that there’s wifi at this restaurant.
Her: Wow. That shirt isn’t the only thing that’s turned on.
(begin makeout session)



ngockstar said...

ahahhahahahahhahahaha. laughing at. not with.

Helen said...

There is something wrong with you! Electric shock? :)

Helen said...

Hey, hopefully you'll understand what I meant after reading this article. I don't know whether it's true or not but I just like to make fun of you.