Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kiss My Converse

Do yourself a favor and watch The Last Dragon. I found this little gem of a clip while looking for the “who’s the master” one. Lemme do my best to summarize all the awesome moments from the best 4 minutes and 29 seconds to be ever captured on film.

4:13 – greatest glasses ever
4:03-3:55 – “who am i?”
3:45 – kids expression
2:55 – Enter The Dragon. Nice.
2:34 – eating popcorn? With chopsticks???
2:22 – “Catches bullets? With his teeth???”
1:34 – pink tank top
1:10 – “Jack him up, baby!”
0:45 – jump off balcony
0:07 – “Shogun is the masta!!!”

This is only from the beginning of the movie too. The rest of the movie is even more awesome! Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go master the art of working without working.

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