Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Two Phimmys

I spent last weekend not only watching football but also organizing my journal. If you didn’t know already, I keep a little journal on a Word doc where I just talk about what I’m up to and how I’m feeling. I’ve been doing this since 2001 and after consolidating multiple journal files into one doc it turns out that I have typed up over 170 pages worth of memories. Here’s a small sample of what I posted back in 2001.

5/22/01 2:47:57 AM
I just took two midterms today. They were both terrible. I have a lab report and a paper that are due on Thursday. I’m not too worried about it because after bombing two midterms I really feel like I’m on top of the world (sarcasm). I’m kind of excited because I’ll be going home this weekend. I can’t wait for that. I can’t wait to just get away.

Before I was bombing in school, just waiting to get away from it all. With my LA trip this weekend I see that now I’m bombing everywhere else, and still just waiting to get away from it all.

What I’ve noticed after reading some of the earliest entries is that while the situations or people in my life have changed, at the core I’m still the same person. My beliefs and values are essentially the same now as they were 6+ years ago. Is that a good thing? I wonder if the same can be said for all two of you out there reading this.

In his “Three Dave’s” piece, Dave Chappelle already made this observation. At the ages of 18, 24, and 30 he’s still been pretty much the same guy. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be the same person, with these same characteristics when I turn 30. That includes always wanting to zoom zoom in that special someone’s boom boom.


John said...

i have my final midterm tomorrow that i know i'll bomb. and like you in your old entry, i'm also looking forward to coming home for thanksgiving. you and i differ where it comes to being static. i've changed since six years ago, although i go back and forth with my values and beliefs. change is the only thing constant, my friend.

Phimmy said...

yeah i definitely think you've changed. it'll be interesting to see what happens to you six years from now. i have an idea, but i'll just keep it to myself.