Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Fun Times @ VIP pt 2

Part 1

Last week Su came in from Texas to hang out. That was a lot of fun. One night was spent at VIP. Just looking at Van Wilder and DH's face from that night gives you and idea of how fun that night was. We're thinking about an Asia trip in the summer of 2009. I just figure I'd throw that out there to see if anyone else was down. We should also try a Texas trip some time next year cuz I know Su would show us a good time.


ngockstar said...

are all of the links in your sidebar work friendly? I'm afraid to click on some of them.

Phimmy said...

ya the links should all be work friendly. but then again, if an article just has the word boobs in it, does it already not make it work safe? you could prolly answer that better than i could.

John said...

Su is COOL!