Monday, January 21, 2008

Most Depressing Day of the Year?

Image by Mika/Zefa/Corbis

Is today, Monday January 21, 2008 the most depressing day of the year? Dr. Cliff Arnall thinks so. Time Magazine has an interesting piece about why Dr. Arnall of Cardiff University thinks this third Monday of the year is gonna be epically emo. I read the article and agree more with the author, Bill Tancer, than I do with Dr. Arnall. Besides, the year is young. There are many more opportunities to be more emo than I am today *cough* Valntines day *cough*. What do you guys think?


mishael said...

It's probably because he went to 4 years of med school. What a loser.

Phimmy said...

ya dude. all those people going back to school are losers. i'm super serial.