Saturday, January 26, 2008

WANT v. PMA 2008

With PMA 08 coming up in just a few days many companies have already announced their new line of digicams. Yours truly is in the market for a new camera but is pretty underwhelmed with what has been announced so far. Here are two new cameras that I would consider buying.

Sony T300

High price ($400)
I hate memory sticks
Entire back is a touch screen
Not thin enough

Canon SD1100is
Small lcd
Not thin enough

I guess based on these factors I'll end up getting the new canon. It's a shame that neither of these companies could announce a camera as thin as this one.


John said...

just undress yourself, look down and you'll see something super thin.

Phimmy said...

now thats just crazy. how am i supposed to take pictures with my shlong? you crazy guy

John said...