Monday, February 11, 2008

Paul Van Dyk @ 1015 Folsom, San Francisco 2/9/08 Recap/Review/Vids

Here are some vids from the PVD event over the weekend. I like the "For An Angel" vid just for nostalgia reasons and the "New York City" vid cuz of the smoke action towards the end of the clip. The night was awesome. There was a great vibe. No one was stabbed or shot, which is always a good thing. I'm not too sure about this, but I swear the hottest girl ever was totally checking me out. MIK thinks I'm insane. But the girl probably wanted a good look at yours truly just in case she needed a description for the sketch artist.

Paul Van Dyk - New York City (feat. Ashely Tomberlin)

Paul Van Dyk - For An Angel

Andain - Beautiful Things

Way Out West - Mindcircus

I'm so tired
I gotta sleep
I wanna wake up
From a dream
I've had enough
I need to sleep
I wanna wakeup without youuuuuuuuu here...


ngockstar said...

it's tempting to say his name as Paul Van D*ck.


happy <3 day!

Phimmy said...

don't hate pvd! the man is a god. hope your vday was swell!

Liang said...

Hey man,

Do you know what that first song that PVD spins in your "For An Angel" video is ("last night we drank all the wine...)? I was there that night and am dying to know that song.


Phimmy said...

Hey Liang. Sorry but it seems like no one knows.

your guess is as good as mine.