Friday, February 15, 2008

Things To Do While Suffering From The Flu

Dear lord, I've never been as sick as I am right now. That 102.3 doesn't do me any justice. I was hovering around the 104 mark a couple times. At times I do feel that this virus is gonna win. I always thought the only invisible thing that could end me would be my ego.

Whenever I take a Tylenol I'm always reminded of this Jerry Seinfeld bit. (the bit starts at 5:12) Observational humor is funny for a reason.

Showers are the greatest thing ever when you have a fever. But there's that awkward time when you turn the shower off and it gets so cold that you regret taking a shower in the first place. I got a semi working solution for that. I leave a hot cup of water outside the shower door. When I turn off the shower I quickly drink the cup of water. Then it's a race to dry myself off and put my clothes on before the effects of the hot water wear off. Sexy time.

After some research I learned that swallowing phlegm won't kill you. Must be true cuz the internet said so.

I've been sleeping only 3 hours every night and eating only 2 bowls of soup every day. At this rate I'll be able to fit into my old jeans in no time.

Ok I'm off to lay in my bed and stare at the ceiling. Good night and good luck.


nobody said...

Poor Jimmy. Hope you feel better soon.


Phimmy said...

hey thuy. thanks! hope school is treating you well.

my said...

oo i think you're having what i had that one weekend. :( wish i knew then what you did with the shower and warm water.

feel better, sicko.