Monday, March 24, 2008

Bleeding But Still Dancing

I love March Madness way more than I love fantasy football but this year my fantasy bracket was probably given too much heparin cuz it's bleeding to death right now. I haven't seen this many wrong answers since my last biochem final. But it's all good because the UCLA basketball team is still dancing and that's all that really matters. Witness the mastery and gallantry that is Kevin Love and Darren Collison.


star said...

thanks for writing an entry about something i don't give a hoot about. you have failed to entertain me. your one goal in life jims...just one task...and you couldn't even do it.

Phimmy said...

lol, for some reason i found this really funny. is this how you treat your 6th best option?

turn ons: females that watch sports

turn offs: sarcasm

Helen said...

Why do you post so much about sport? Boring!!!! Are those turn ons and offs true? I guess I'm good at turning men off.