Monday, March 10, 2008

Things To Do When You're Stressed

For several different reasons, today is turning out to be a pretty stressful one. What do you guys do when you're stressed out? Usually I'd suggest hitting up happy hour somewhere but since my drama happened earlier in the day I don't think I could have waited that long. I decided to take a walk around the block with my ipod in hand and I sang some tunes off the top of my lungs. That was pretty therapeutic. Here's what I sang.

From the best QLC movie ever

Best song to sing to at an irish pub

Of course everyone isn't used to making a fool out of themselves in public as much as I do so singing out loud and not caring what people think might not work for all of you. But it's still pretty damn fun.


my said...

dude. i LOVE singing that journey song!!!!

Phimmy said...

dude, it was hella fun singing this song with you the other day.