Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mission Motion 2008

Every year a group of dancers audition to be a part of a dance team called Mission Motion. They're called Mission Motion because they're led by Brenna Wundram, the dance instructor at Mission College. Once the team is selected they practice for a few months and perform at various functions and events around the bay. Their first performance is coming up in downtown San Jose on April 27th for Bay Area National Dance Week so if for some crazy reason any of you wanna check them out just gimme a call. Here's a quick clip of one of their practice sessions. Sorry for the crappy quality but I can't really do much with the camera on my phone.


my said...

they should put on some white masks and pop lock and drop it ;)

...and where, my friend, are YOU

Phimmy said...

i actually auditioned for the role of team historian but lost out to a tripod. maybe next year.

my said...

sokay jimmy. tripods have three legs of equal length. yours only comes with two equal legs and well, y'kno.