Tuesday, April 8, 2008

You Need An Intervention

At the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas they throw a pool party on Sunday afternoon called Rehab. Rehab is where all the exotic dancers and other women of the night go to spend their dolla dolla bills yall. The pool party was so successful that the hotel decided throw the same party at their San Diego location. I was fortunate enough to be at first ever Sunday afternoon pool party at the San Diego Hard Rock Hotel called Intervention. Dear lord what a scene. I don't think I've ever felt so unattractive in my life. All the guys were at least 6 feet tall with muscles on top of their muscles. All the women, with only dental floss covering their private areas, were plastered enough to give even a short asian male a chance. It was crazy to see so many fake boobs without having to pay for it. By 7pm there were at least three different ambulance teams in the hotel lobby attending to at least 5 different hot blondes too intoxicated to breathe on their own. If you're ever in San Diego you must, I repeat, you must check out Intervention. If you don't then the terrorists will win.


K. said...

In my search of Intervention reviews and photos, my friend stumbled upon this post with great interest and directed me to read it. Your photos, however, show a lot of lingering around a quite empty pool, so I'm wondering-- since you mentioned Rehab just prior to your intro of Intervention-- have you been to Rehab? I would rank Rehab as being among the best days of my life, so I'm leery about juxtaposing the two events.

At your suggestion and just out of sheer curiosity, a few friends and I are going to check out Intervention this Sunday. I would like to know what to expect, if you would be so kind as to indulge me with a brief comparison. Keep in mind we have set in stone a 25-person trip to Opening Day of Rehab in two weeks.

Phimmy said...

hey thanks for the comment. naw i haven't been to rehab but i'm pretty sure that intervention would pale in comparison to anything in vegas. i only mentioned it to give a lil background story as to why this party came to be. you're right about the pool though. the whole time i was there i only saw as many as 4 people in the pool at one time. i got to intervention around 530ish so i think it's safe to say that it was way more crowded before than what you see in the pictures. have fun if you go this weekend. just remember that drinks were damn expensive.