Saturday, May 31, 2008

22.7 Things To Do - #4 Build My Dream Computer

If you look at Nerissa Pacio's original list (via Van Wilder's Xanga) #9 is to blow her annual bonus on Jimmy Choos. I think it's crazy to spend that much money on shoes, but then again I think it's perfectly fine to spend that much on a computer. Who's the crazy one now.

After about 5 months of researching, 1 month of ordering, and one long weekend of building and tweaking, my rig is finally complete. #4 on the list was to build my dream computer. This PC will play a major role in some other things on my list. But this isn't just any computing beast. It's as quiet as it is powerful. Like my farts. Har. I could build 25 of these things, lay them all on the ground 5x5 to use as a mattress, and stil have a good nights rest while running Crysis in the background. To learn more about quiet computing, check out SPCR.

For anyone that's interested, here are the specs:

Corsair 520-HX
Scythe Ninja Mini
Scythe Ultra Kaze
Vista Ultimate x64

Credit to the Do bros for teaching me everything I know about this stuff. I remember spending long summer days at their place as a kid building computers, then taking them apart, only to build them again. Oh the memories.

So there you have it. 7.3 things done, 22.7 things to go. Until next time...


Ross said...

I don't get the math: 17.3 + 22.7 = 40 things total.

Phimmy said...

hey guy, thanks for the correction. geez, it's been how many days now and no one caught that? i guess it means you're the only one that actually reads junk. boo urns