Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How The $100 Rule Netted Me $200

The No Credit Needed financial blog had a post a few weeks ago about using the $100 rule to prevent impulse buying. Here's how they explain the rule.

"For every $100 that I want to spend on the purchase of a new product, I must wait one day before I make the purchase. This creates a self-imposed ‘cooling-off’ period. If a new gadget costs $100, I have to wait one day until I can purchase the gadget. If a new gizmo costs $400, I have to wait four days until I can purchase the gizmo. If a new thingamajig costs $1400, I have to wait two weeks until I can purchase the thingamajig."

As interesting as this rule sounds, I'd personally modify it and try out a $25 or $10 rule instead. In any case, a few days ago I applied this rule with unexpected results.

Last Friday I went to the local computer store where I bought six items. Three of the things I bought were fairly expensive items that I planned on buying. The other three items were just cheap impulse thingamajigs.

After researching and finding out how crappy the three thingamajigs were I went back to the same computer store yesterday to return them. I didn't realize until today that even though I physically returned the three cheap thingamajigs, the receipt says I returned two cheap items and one expensive one. So because of a clerical error I was essentially given $200 of store credit.

OK, so I didn't exactly follow the$100 rule, but I sorta did in spirit. Would it be considered stealing if I don't say anything to the computer store? I wonder if this will eventually correct itself. This can't end well.


nobody said...

Have you seen the new video for Flashing Lights? I like it a lot.


Phimmy said...

i just finished watching it. i'll definitely be watching it again. dear lord that girl is hot. but there's no reason why kanye should have even been in that video.

hope you're doing swell and that school is treating you well.


nobody said...

She really is. And she has a really cute ass. Haha Did you see that one shot of her bare butt? Much better than Rita G. in my opinion. And yea, Kanye should've stayed out.