Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Everybody Knows DJ Special K

Back in the late 90's when DJ PM was new to the scene and hard at work on his first mix he sent a rough cut over to his pal, KP. While KP did enjoy the rough cut, he didn't like his pal's new alias. He thought the name DJ PM was a bit bland and recommended a change. DJ PM took offense to the suggestion and thought that people would enjoy the name as much as they enjoyed the mix. KP completely disagreed and in order to prove his point he uploaded the rough cut to Napster with a fake name attached to it. That fake name was DJ Special K. KP believed that more people would download something from DJ Special K than they would from DJ PM.

KP, aka DJ Special K, was right. Fast forward almost 10 years later and the DJ Special K cut (or bastard child mix as I like to call it) continues to clog the pipes of the internet. One particular cut on youtube has already been listened to over 60,000 times with over 100 comments and a 5 star rating.

Over a million people have listened to other iterations of the mix on youtube with not a single mention of DJ PM.

Today KP is probably on his way to being a physical therapist for the LA Lakers while DJ PM is still stuck on an island seeking shelter underneath a four-toed statue. It would appear that DJ PM's crappy mixes have indeed lived on, but unfortunately through someone else's name. Life can be so cruel.


mishael said...

If this is a true story, I think this beats all of your other blog entries. HAHAHAHAHA. Special K?

Phimmy said...

yeah unfortunately it's all true. it's all terribly terribly true. he really did call himself dj special k. i think his aim name was something like that at one point too. damn him.