Sunday, June 29, 2008

Paul Oakenfold @ 1015, San Francisco 7/4/08

UPDATE: click here for a recap of the night

Paul Oakenfold is coming to town this 4th of July. Anybody wanna check him out? The last time I saw him live was on new years eve 2002 at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel. That night was pretty epic. He spun his remix of New Years Day by U2 right before the countdown. So epic.

Unfortunately Oakie hasn't been at the top of his game lately. He's only ranked #12 in DJ Magazine's Top 100 list. He's been distancing himself from the trance scene and has collaborated with other musicians like Crazy Town and Brittany Murphy to make some really crappy pop songs. Plus $25 tickets just doesn't sound like top dollar for a big name DJ. Despite all this, I'm pretty sure that whatever he spins this Friday Night will be much better than Stars And Stripes Forever.


mishael said...

Puah, Oakenfold only has only about 1300 hits with 4.5 stars. DJ Special K is totally blowing him away.

Phimmy said...

i hear dj special k is touring the bay for the next two months. we gotta check out one of his gigs before he leaves town.