Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sexy Party Time With Sexy Beer Bongs

A few weeks ago I met Jonah (right), the man behind (POSSIBLE NSFW HYPERLINK!!!!) Sexy Beer Bongs, and inventor of the Dong Bong. This has to be the greatest idea ever. It's basically a beer bong, except there's a dong attachment at the end. It's always fascinating to hear about the difficulties in turning an idea into an actual product, but his story is even more fascinating considering the nature of the product. Here are some interesting tidbits that I learned about Jonah and the Dong Bong.

- Jonah was MC'ing a surfing competition and needed a quick way to get hot girls to come and watch. He shoved some tubing into a female toy and thus created the Dong Bong.
- The bong wasn't designed after any particular dong, but celebrity dong's might be considered if the product takes off.
- The Dong Bong premiered at this years Adult Entertainment Expo where tens of thousands of orders were placed in just a few days.
- This isn't Jonah's first invention. Many years ago he dropped out of college to create his first one, a surf board bag. He sold the invention to a surf board company for lots and lots of money and went on to do marketing for them.

The (ANOTHER POSSIBLE NSFW HYPERLINK!!!) launch party was just last week and it sounds like the product is going to be a huge success. I got the hook up, so if anybody wants to try out the Dong Bong or Boob Tube then I'll just give Jonah a ring and we'll throw a sexy party.

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