Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cuban Olympian Kicks His Way to Lifetime Ban

Cuba's Angel Matos tries his best Frank Dux impression, fails miserably.

This years Olympic Tae Kwon Do events turned out to be pretty lame. 2-time Olympic champion Steven Lopez was upset in the semi's and failed to win his third gold medal in as many Olympic games, losing for the first time in 6 years. The other Lopez siblings also had gold medal hopes ripped from them by the South Koreans. The judging was controversial throughout the tournament and not a single person got knocked out.

The only cool thing that happened was during the bronze medal match in the men's heavyweight division. Cuba's Angel Matos was disqualified for taking up too much time during his injury time out. Matos, so enraged by the disqualification, decides to kick the ref. Click here to read and see what happened.

Matos and his coach now face a lifetime ban for their disgraceful, yet super fun to watch, behavior. If you can't land a solid roundhouse to the face of somebody that isn't expecting it, then not only should you be disqualified but you should also have that belt around your waist taken from you. But if he did connect with that kick, I'd prolly petition to give him the gold.

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