Thursday, September 25, 2008

Prediction: Netbooks Will Rule The World

I predict that the netbook will be the biggest thing in personal electronics since the mp3 player. This really isn't that bold of a prediction considering that at the moment 9 of the top 10 laptops sold on amazon right now are netbooks. The netbook is a category of laptop that is low-cost, low-powered, and small-sized. They have screens ranging from 7in to 11in and cost anywhere between $300-$700.

If you're curious about the specs, you can check out CNET where they give a rundown on some of the more popular netbooks on the market. Right now I think these laptops are a bit underpowered and a tad overpriced. But I'm sure that by this time next year larger companies like Apple and Sony will get into the mix, and we'll see some pretty sweet products at super cheap prices.

Now allow me to summon Carnac and answer your question about netbooks without even knowing what the question is.

(places envelope to forehead)

"a netbook... an iPod... and Phimmy"

a netbook... an iPod... and Phimmy

(rips side of envelope)
(blows into envelope)
(removes note card)

"name three things you'll want within the next year, that have small packages."



star said...

I don't know if I agree with your prediction. What's the difference between having a netbook and an iphone? I think the latter would be the more popular consumer choice. Seems to me like people would think the netbook is just a sub-par laptop, no?

star said...

oh yeah, btw, i loved that article you had on your "Junk in my Trunk" about young men living at home after college and redefining the traditional milestones of manhood. LOVED IT!

Phimmy said...

i agree that right now the netbook is a sub-par laptop but i think that's all most people need. they're pretty fun to play around with. plus, they'll be much more powerful in the next coming months. and in the end the iphone will cost you about 2K during the two years that you own it.

i still need to read that article. glad you liked it. sounds pretty interesting.