Sunday, September 14, 2008

Spaghetti Eastern

If you're ever bored you should check out the movie trailer page at the Apple website. There's one movie that looks pretty groovy. Sukiyaki Western Django is the latest spaghetti western from the far east. Director Takashi Miike did other cult classics such as Audition and Ichi: the Killer. The trailer is just ok but youtube has some pretty cool clips. When it comes to martial arts flicks I'm pretty old school and prefer hand vs. hand (vs. feet). This clip from the movie has what I think would be a close second. sword vs. gun.


my said...

Does it offend you yea?

Phimmy said...

oh shoots. that's some good stuff. i'm seriously offended by the awesomeness that is the diesel

my said...

<3 vin diesel