Tuesday, November 18, 2008

21.5 Things To Do - #18 Don Quixote

Continuing with the whole book thing, I read Don Quixote De La Mancha. The book is by Miguel de Cervantes and is about an old man, Alonso Quixano, who decides to go out as a knight errant in search for adventure. The old man does this because of his obsession with books of chivalry. To Don Quixote windmills appear as giants, inns appear as castles, and everybody thinks he's crazy.

This was a pretty tough read, and it's definitely something I'm gonna have to revisit many years from now. The book was published back in the 1600's and frankly I just didn't get it.

If you do want a little taste of this book without the boredom that comes with 1600's humor, I recommend watching a documentary called Lost In La Mancha. It's a film about Terry Gilliam and his attempt to try and make a movie version of Don Quixote. The film was supposed to star Johnny Depp but after only a few weeks of filming and many setbacks the movie was never made. Or you can watch The Last Dragon, which is essentially a karate version of Don Quixote.

So there you have it. 8.5 things done, 21.5 things left to do. Until next time...

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