Friday, November 14, 2008

My Friends

I've never enjoyed birthdays. I always felt that they were life's yearly reminder of what you haven't done. But at the same time they are also life's reminder of how great your friends are. Thank you, my friends, for all the warm bday wishes. Here are some bday related facts:

Favorite Bday - 23rd
Runner Up - 11th

Favorite Bday Gift - A certain teddy bear named after a certain member of the A-Team (13th)
Runner Up - Cassette single of Ditty (9th)

Mark your calendars because we'll probably celebrate the occasion on the 21st. You're all invited. Where and when are TBD. However, it'll probably be at a place where only very important people can go. It's a celebration bitches. Enjoy yo self.


my said...

this post (as i'm sure you intended) leaves me curious. such as:

1. what made 23 numero uno?
2. more so, the 11th! what happened at age 11!

i LOVE ditty too!
oh, cassette tapes. where art thou?

happy belated. have fun tonight :)

my said...

oh and why the mcCain photo, especially under the headline: my friends...

wait, i JUST got it.

i'm so slow at 23 =/

Phimmy said...

i was in la at some k bar for my 23rd bday. i think. or was it my 22nd? in any case it was a lot of fun.

the 11th also fun. just a lot of good memories.

where has famdango been? i want more posts!