Sunday, November 30, 2008

Things To Do When You're Drunk

A few weeks ago the Mythbusters tackled a few alcohol related myths. Here's a quick rundown of their findings with the results invisotexted:

Do beer goggles really exist?
It's plausible. When going from sober to buzzed the men that were tested split on their ratings. One guy rated women higher and another guy rated women lower. The lone woman that was tested rated men significantly lower when going for sober to buzzed. When going from buzzed to drunk all three participants rated the opposite sex higher. Because of the latter the Mybusters concluded that the existence of beer goggles is probable.

Is a hot cup of coffee an effective way to sober up?
Nope. Myth busted.

Is exercise an effective way to sober up?

Is dunking your head in a bucket of ice water an effective way to sober up?

Is a slap in the face an effective way to sober up?
Surprisingly this was the most effective method of the four that were tested. Plausible.

To check out the show for yourself you can download it from here (part1, part2), or you can search for it here. I guess I learned two things from this episode. The first is to never approach a woman when she's buzzed. The second is to slap a friend before they drive home. Good times.

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