Sunday, December 7, 2008

UCLA vs. USC 12/6/08

UCLA played USC over the weekend. The game was terrible but the tailgate was crazy. We didn't play Caps that much this year but Bean Bag Toss and Flip Cup were just as fun. As always it was great seeing everybody and I'm already counting down the days till the next tailgate. Here are my predictions on what will happen at the next UCLA/USC tailgate two years from now:

- Wu will spend over $75 on his latest, greatest invention
- We'll get to the Rose Bowl at 6:30 am
- There will be two married couples and four engaged ones
- Team NorCal will defeat Team SoCal in the craziest 8v8 game of caps
- UCLA will defeat USC 77-0 en route to the BCS Championship game

Here's a clip of Team Norcal rockin the Bean Bag toss. That's how you do it!


my said...

famdango is dying. cause of death: laziness.

you, man. you should twitter!

hah bean bag toss, nice.

star said...

@My: secondary cause of death, too much twitting.

@the pic in this entry: upon first glance, it looked like Chapman was bent over his own bare legs. a lil creepy.

Congrats to Norcal team! way to represent!

Phimmy said...

always got your eye on chaps, dontcha?

yeah i'm considering twittering. hmm i'll prolly do it as some alter ego. keep you posted!

my said...

@star, see ngoc. i bet you're a closet tweeter. just admit it.

@phimmy. stop considering, just do, brah.

ngoc told me about your missed connection idea to match-make people. genius.