Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Battlestar Sadtastica

After four seasons, one writers strike, and a little less than one hundred episodes, Battlestar Galactica aired their series finale over the weekend. Unlike this guy, I thought the final episode was a major letdown. I thought the show did an excellent job of telling a fantastic story, and developing some unforgetable characters. But when it came to finally answering some questions on the mythology of the show, I thought RDM failed miserably. I thought some guy named Jeff from this blogpost said it best:

I could not have been more disappointed with the cowardly ambiguity of this finale... An ending is not a resolution. Galactica may have ended tonight, but you robbed your fans of a resolution.

The series finale to BSG confirmed what I've suspected for a long time. It confirmed that Lost is by far the best show on TV. Even if the show ends with a zombie season staring Ezra James Sharkington, the series finale to Lost will not dissapoint because Da-rlton knows exactly what they're doing. Ugh. It's been a long day.
i think i'd marry any female that knows who ezra james sharkington is

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