Thursday, March 5, 2009

Man v. Food Visits San Jose

In last night’s episode of Man v. Food, Adam and the crew visited San Jose. Their first stop was Iguana’s in downtown. I find it hard to believe that Iguana’s is the best place in town for a burrito, but then again not many places offer something as crazy as the Burritozilla. And what a great cameo by the pride of San Jose, Joey Chestnut.

Their second stop was Henry’s World Famous Hi-Life. I’ve never heard of this place, but apparently they’re known for their BBQ. They’re located on 301 West Saint John Street and after watching this segment I really wanna give their food a try.

Their final stop was Smoke Eaters (formerly University Chicken). Adam attempted the Hellfire Challenge which is 12 wings drenched in their hottest sauce (which isn't even on the menu) in 10 minutes. The crazy part about this challenge is that you have to eat all 12 wings without the aid of any liquids or napkins, and once you’re done with the food you have to lick all your fingers and just sit in your seat for 5 more minutes still without the aid of liquids or napkins. As with all spicy challenges, Adam was able to conquer this one easily.

It’s a shame that the show didn’t visit any Vietnamese restaurants. I’d like to see Adam take on the challenge of trying to get a table at Pho Y on a Sunday afternoon.

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