Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bi Mon Sci Fi Con 2010!!!

A few weeks ago I went to Comicon in San Diego. Click here to check out my Flickr set from the weekend. Here are some of my favorite Comicon moments:

Best Costume: General Grievous

I saw some funny, sexy, silly costumes, but the one that totally wowed me was General Grievous. The price of admission was worth it just to see everyone dressed up. Check out io9 for more costumes.

Best Schwag: Rings from DC Comics

DC comics gave out three sweet rings large enough to wear as bracelets but I lost my Green Lantern ring. Boourns. Words cannot describe how cool I feel when I put them on.

Best Toy: Wool Buddies

Can you believe that these things are made of yarn? Jackie Huang has quite a talent. The man can conjure up cute monsters or make any animal you want. Vampirella not included.

Best Advertising: The Walking Dead

AMC will soon air a mini-series based on The Walking Dead comic. I don’t care much for the comic or the mini-series but to see zombies walking all around town was pretty cool. Those guys all stayed in character even when going to the bathroom Not that I would know.

Best Celebrity Citing: Richard Hatch

You might know him from the original Battlestar Galactica. You also know him as Tom Zarek from the new Battlestar Galactica. Seeing him was fun because the guy actually left his booth and walked a good distance just to say hi and take photos with us. Then again, I’d probably do the same thing if two attractive ladies were checking me out.

Best Desert in SD: Mondo Gelato

They’re right next to the baseball stadium so give them a try if you’re near by.