Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Omakase at Sasabune, Oahu, Hawaii

Last month Gem and I went to Oahu. You'd think that hyperventilating, panicking, and seeing my life flash before my eyes while at the bottom of the ocean would be the most memorable moment of the trip. Truth is I'll eventually forget about my lonely near-death experience while diving, but I'll never forget having omakase at Sushi Sasabune. Omakase is the menu-less sushi dinner where the chef makes for you whatever he feels like making. This was undoubtedly the best sushi I’ve ever had and is on my top 3 list of best meals I’ve ever had. Here’s a quick rundown of what they served us in order of appearance:

A few notes from the dinner:
- all the fish is served no longer than 24 hours after they receive it
- they didn't start making the next dish until I finished the previous dish. Because of that the food came out a little slower than I would have liked
- they tell us what dishes need sauce and what dishes don’t
- I tried placing my wasabi/ginger dish close to me but they forced me to set it on the elevated platform in front of me near the glass display
- customer service was beyond excellent

You definitely gotta check this place out if you’re gonna be in Honolulu. Double D and MK suggested omakase at some place in Alameda so I’ll definitely have to check that place out. Here's the damage:


N said...

hm the format of this entry looks a little familiar. just kidding! everything looks delicious! sashimi is the best food in the world.

Phimmy said...

hey man, you do what works. and me thinks you've found a formula that works!

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